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Real Estate Videos

FIRPTA - How Foreign Sellers Can Avoid Tax Penalties

This video reviews the 15% withholdings law and what Realtors can do to support Buyers & Sellers. 

How to List Million Dollar Properties

My team took the mystery out of selling luxury real estate using social media marketing and we want to share it!

How to Qualify A Buyer or Seller

To best serve your Buyers or Sellers qualify them with a series of fool-proof questions. 

6 Easy Steps to Get Started with YouTube Marketing for Realtors

89% of real estate searches start online. Video sees 59% more engagement over any other form of content! 

How to Interview A Buyer in 5 Easy Steps

Interviewing your Buyer is the first step toward growing a successful real estate business. Be sure you clearly understand his or her needs and timeframe from the beginning. Downloable worksheet. 

10 Low Investment Business Ideas for Women

Opening your own business is a great idea with TAX BENEFITS! Watch me run through low investment small business ideas.

10 Most Profitable Businesses Ideas for Women

Real Estate earnings have almost NO GENDER GAP between men and women! Watch me run through profitable small business ideas for women. 

Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Real Estate

How many cold-calls can you make?! This technique is field tested and proven to work like a charm on social media! 


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