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"She helped me show up at my highest level."

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Stumbling Through Adulthood


Stumbling Through Adulthood is an account of short stories in an interactive journal for “adults” struggling to find purpose in their failure. From an impromptu date gone awry to being hustled by a sibling, Vivian recounts many of her outrageous debacles in hopes of inspiring other thought leaders to get out there and achieve their dreams - even if it means working at an adult entertainment company while attending a prestigious Catholic university.

Stumbling Through Adulthood: A Guided Journal for Failing Forward is Vivian’s first book. You can find out more about the author and sign up for her fun offers.




So excited for a book like STA! The minute I started reading it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. As a fellow millennial still riding the struggle bus, Vivian’s vivacious tales showed me that I am not alone and that there is a light at the end of the basic bitch tunnel. If you haven’t already snagged a copy, brace yourself for some serious FOMO.
— - YS
Completing Vivian’s worksheets gave me the insight I needed to revamp my life. It was so refreshing to learn that I wasn’t the only walking disaster out there trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
— AF
Vivian chronicles as a rising entrepreneur are proof that no matter how lost you are, you can change your life with just a hint of truth and a dash of badassery. So proud to become a part of the #STAtribe! What are you waiting for?
— TA
Vivian’s account of the life lessons she’s experienced were both hilariously accurate and hit way too close to home. This book had me in tears from start to finish! I feel like everyone has had trouble with Sallie Mae in their lives at some point. The worksheets at the end of each section
allowed me to put myself in Vivian’s shoes and uncover what’s been holding me back. This is a must-read for the past, present, and future you.
— MT


Social Media Guide

The 4 Step Plan to Grow Your Exposure (Using FREE Social Media Strategies)

Join me as I walk you through what it takes to create a powerful, hyper-engaged social media following.

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Mini-Mogul Money Magnet

Your Local Global Marketing Connection

Serial Entrepreneur, Micro-Influencer, and Author; Vivian Olodun is a rising star, speaking honestly with her peers about what it is like to build a business that serves the rich and famous. Vivian Olodun is the ghostwriter behind luxury real estate articles published in the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel. She co-founded a boutique marketing firm that has grown to over 6-figures in less than two years. Her nonprofit Behind The Leaf hosts Flourish Media Conference annually in Miami, FL, introducing her little-black-book of millionaires to small business owners looking for angel investors. 

Unapologetically Black, she doesn't hide her Afro-Latino & Nigerian heritage. Vivian candidly jokes about her position as an advisor to thought leaders while facing the fact that she is often the only brown girl in the room. She is professional and witty; bravely pulling back the curtain to show that if she can do it, so can you! 

Money loves me because I make space in the business structure for it to grow. The greatest asset I have to give is the knowledge I’ve acquired working with and for billionaires. My clients like me because I SHOW THEM how to make more money, and I think that is fantastic!
— Vivian

Vivian happily lives in Miami, Florida USA; where she hosts workshops & consults with real estate professionals, small business owners and major brands. Her dynamic team of freelance marketing strategists, graphic designers, social media experts and writers  partner to deliver custom messaging for savvy professionals. 

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Public Speaker

Popular speaking topics and workshop trainings:

  • Money Mindset for Young Professionals: How journaling prepared me to work with the 1% 

  • Small Business, Big Contracts: How to uplevel your small business with 6-figure contracts

  • College Readiness: Learn how to get noticed by elite universities, internships, and leading organizations.

  • Stumbling Through Adulthood: Learn how to build your resilience and fail forward


"Always be closing"


If you’re looking at this page, you’ve probably seen a social media post or two from my Instagram or YouTube channel. Maybe you met part of the team at an open house. Perhaps, you’ve seen us at an industry event. Or maybe you were sent here by someone who does all of those things and said “you have to check them out!” No matter how you got here, it’s exciting.

And it's because this is all a part of the strategy.

Don’t get creeped out. It’s just true. You see, I am an advisor and content marketing is a tool I use to build brand awareness. My specialty is in creating value through educational products that serve a particular audience so they can become leads to the business associated and, ultimately, lifetime customers.

So basically, I help you grow a recognizable brand and convert prospects into customers.


Are you ready to learn how?

To anyone wondering if it’s worth it, IT IS! Tons of knowledge for you to leverage your platform and audience!
— Betsy C.
Vivian taught a webinar about government contractors which has helped me shift where I can get leads. A total gem!
— Wilda P.


Sought after for her practical approach to small business marketing,Vivian is your solution for social media campaign development and content creation. Her team offers 15 years of experience managing digital marketing platforms for small businesses and large brands. Right now, 80 million eyes are on YouTube waiting to learn about your business. I can help you design a sales strategy that speaks to YOUR people. Learn how to making active listening your BEST TOOL for CLOSING DEALS.


Vivian knows her stuff! She is very professional, kind, and responsive. I would highly recommend their services an anyone.
— Maia T.
I love going to workshops... she is hip yet professional, I highly recommend.
— Karin PW

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