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Here is what you can expect from this program:

  • inside knowledge worth multi-millions

  • Understand if you should be pursuing RFPs or Grants

  • A trusted list of active relevant bids

  • Feedback on how to best stand out to funders

  • Recommendations on possible collaborations partners

Remember someone is going to get the contract, why not you?

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How I stumbled upon this 6-figure earning prospecting tool.

We may have different businesses but deep down we are all pursuing the same dream. We want our businesses to grow and we want to build a long list of happy clients that are willing to refer more business.

Here is what we covered in the webinar:

  • Top 5 rookie mistakes that will keep you frustrated and confused

  • Free resources to find contracts

  • Free resources to find government grants

  • Key words to look for that mean BIG MONEY

  • What major contracts require to close

In a short time I applied these practices to my newest business. With a small team of clever gals it flourished from nothing to over 6-figures. If we can do it, you can do it too! Let me show you how.

Did you miss the webinar? CLICK HERE to watch the replay.